A Day in Cute Kids..


Although routine is a necessity in a group setting, flexibility and freedom are also needed during the day; so kids rotate among the following rooms, where they acquire skills in different areas of development as follows:


The Blue Room ‘Free Play’:

Since play is a kid’s work, the ‘Free play’ room offers our kids the opportunity to explore and understand the real world through play. Through various kinds of play kids explore a different world for every different theme, through the themed toys and displays such as tools set, kitchen set, baby set, doctor set, different costumes according to theme, reading corner, creative skills in addition to blocks. Furthermore, they develop social and language skills, by playing among other kids and engaging in pretend play. It is where they develop their expressive and receptive skills.


The Pink 1&2 Rooms ‘Literacy & linguistics skills’:

The pink room is where our Cute Kids dive into the world of words, letters and sounds. The room is equipped with letter identification tools and materials.  The literacy room is designed to meet the goals of development for kids communication & language skills, as well as readiness for reading and writing. 


The Yellow 1 Room ‘Reasoning, problem solving and Numeracy’:

An Important key area of the EYFS curriculum is Reasoning, problem solving and Numeracy. This is where kids begin to develop number sense, explore and identify geometric shapes, colors. They also  expand their cognitive skills by learning about opposites, cause & effect, matching, sorting and other cognitive abilities. The yellow 1 room is where our Cute Kids explore the world of Math!


The Yellow 2 Room:

1- Montessori:

Practical life, Montessori based activities are a very important part of our curriculum at Cute Kids. The yellow room serves this part of our kids development by providing the necessary space, Montessori equipment and qualified teachers. It’s where they develop their fine and gross motor skills


2- Creative Development ( Art & Music):   

CREATIVITY is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, learn from them while having fun.

In addition to pretend play in free play room, the Academy helps in enhancing kids creativity by involving them in implementing arts and crafts ideas. All this help kids make a big jump from dependence into independence as they use different tools and materials.   

Music is the universal language. It helps kids connect the outer world of movement and sound with the inner world of feelings and observations through using various collections of enjoyable, appropriate songs and musical activities. 


Out-Door Area (Physical and social development): 

Again, play is a kid’s work, and therefore an outdoor area for free play is essential for a child’s development. We have 4 semi attached gardens where our kids enjoy the fresh air, sun and various outdoor activities intended to develop their fine & gross motor skills to achieve their physical milestones.

Outdoor play is necessary for Physical development especially gross motor abilities. At Cute Kids the outdoor area is safe and spacious and equipped with a variety of outdoor play equipment that contributes to kid’s gross motor development and also fosters kid interaction and social abilities. It is divided into different play areas to suit the different age groups at the Academy.


Dining room (Healthy eating and cooking activities): 

 Healthy Eating is an important issue that we care about in our academy. This is reflected in the nutritious and balanced meals served in addition to eating and drinking habits procured in the accademy. Our daily 3 meals include fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, dairy products & carbohydrates.  

Furthermore cooking activities are provided once a week to discuss healthy eating & carry out science and fun activities with our kids.

Table manners and eating habits are stressed on during every meal. 


 Swimming pool & sand area:

During summer, our kids mess around with sand and water activities enhancing their sense of touch which lays the foundation for leaning other skills.